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Product description


Are you tired of easily bendable, light tent stakes? Are you sick of spending money on flimsy plastic tent stakes or aluminum tent stakes that break off after first use? Don’t worry, we’ve solution. We offer you reliable metal stakes for ground, sand, mud or snow.


PREMIUM QUALITY – manufactured from high-quality steel, these camping tent stakes won’t let you down in any situation i. e. storm, heavy winds, sandy ground, rocky ground. They’re reusable, not easily bendable.
GALVANIZED SURFACE makes these garden stakes resistant to rust. They serve for long time even w/ daily exposure to outside elements including rain.
PERFECT LENGTH – all of our stakes have length of 12" & diameter of 0.4 ". Longer heavy-duty stake is, the better holding power it has.
ANTI-SLIP DESIGN of these screw Tent pegs makes them stay deep in any surface without slipping out.
SHARP TIP of these stakes allows you to fasten tent quickly. Pointed tip makes it easy to drive into any ground. Please be careful, especially w/ kids in order to avoid injuries.
LARGE HOOK simplifies process of looping. It works well w/ ropes of different widths.


These heavy duty tent pegs were tested in many conditions. Conclusion reached is that these stakes are great for anchoring different tents & canopies. They provide effective plant support in garden & are great for holiday decorations, inflatables, tarps, and fences. They are ideal for gardening, landscaping, camping & work well as tent stakes, tarp stakes, gardening stakes, fencing stakes, beach stakes, terrace board stakes, landscape edging stakes etc.
It’s up to you to decide whether to buy these tent anchors or not. We are confident that they will be an essential addition to your tent accessories.